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I changed the camera settings on Burrel+ service, but the camera doesn’t change the settings right away?

The camera receives the updated settings from Burrel+ service when it sends a picture or video to the gallery. If there is no movement in front of the camera and the camera therefore doesn’t send anything, the receiving of updated settings are determined by the AutoUpdate Cycle –function. By modifying the AutoUpdate cycle you can define how often the camera checks for updated settings from the Burrel+ service.

Important: If you want the camera to check for updated settings frequently, we recommend using the camera with an external power source as using this function requires more power.

The camera is connected to Burrel+ service, but doesn’t send pictures?

Check that the SD card used is compatible with your trail camera. The camera supports SD cards up to 32GB in storage. We do not recommend using SD-cards that are in an adapter, as these do not work as reliably

Check also that the physical lock on the side of the SD-card is not turned on. If the lock is turned on, the camera will give an ’’Card locked’’–message on the screen when switched to SETUP-mode.

Camera doesn't send videos?

Trail cameras that have the sending option for videos are S12HD+SMSPRO and Edge HD+3G/4G. Other cameras that shoot videos store them on the memory card, but don't send.

If you have a camera that should send videos but doesn’t, check if the photo mode is set to ''Photo&video''. In this setting, the camera stores both photo and video to memory card, but only sends the photo. If you want the camera to send a video, switch the camera mode to ''Video''

Camera only sends a certain number of pictures per day?

The maximum number of pictures sent daily can be adjusted from the cameras settings. As a preset this is set to ’’0’’. The camera sends unlimited amount of pictures per day with this setting.

When does the camera start sending pictures when activating TimeLapse mode?

When you have set the TimeLapse setting as you prefer, the camera starts taking pictures with that interval from the time that it receives the updated settings.

I changed the settings directly from the camera, but the changed settings don't stay in the camera's memory?

When the camera is linked to Burrel+ service, the device gets its settings from the Burrel+ server as a default. If you change the settings directly from the camera, you have to send the settings to the server after changing them. You can do this by selecting ‘’Send settings’’ from the camera's wireless settings after changing them